Fight For Amaravati Paving Way For Backdoor Politics?  

Going by the latest developments, it looks like TDP might well share the same stage with Janasena and BJP in the fight for Amaravati.It is already known that BJP and Janasena have come together, and are sharing a common agenda when it comes to YS Jagan’s government.Though YSRCP leaders have come down harshly at the newly formed political alliance in the state, the TDP was mum.Now, TDP Chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu reacted on the alliance and went on to make surprising comments.

Fight For Amaravati Paving Way Backdoor Politics?-Chandrababu Comments On Janasena Bjp Alliance

Chandrababu Naidu who is currently touring Wets Godavari district spoke to the media.

‘Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party allied with the BJP.

If they decide to Fight for Amaravati, I’ll welcome it.If they are scared of YS Jagan and fail to put up the fight, I wouldn’t be appreciating it’, said Chandrababu.

Few political analysts made key observations on the development.‘We never know what is in the minds of the political leaders.In the name of Fight for Amaravati, Chandrababu has welcomed BJP and Janasena alliance.We shouldn’t be surprised if these three parties support each other behind the screen.Looks like the Fight for Amaravati is paving way for backdoor politics in the state’, a senior analyst opined.


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