Why fake announcements Allu Aravind and Chiranjeevi ?     2017-01-18   23:17:00  IST  Raghu V

Brand new posters of Khaidi No 150 has come out with a line “Fastest 100cr grosser”. Allu Aravind has also announced the same in recent media interactions. Then, is it true that Khaidi No 150 is fastest 100cr grosser ? Couple of days back, Aravind announced that Khaidi No 150 is biggest day 1 opener. Is it so ?

Did Mega camp delete a film called Baahubali from their memory ? Even for Telugu version alone, Khaidi is neither the biggest opener, nor the fastest 100cr grosser. It’s right next to Baahubali, beating all other films by a good margin. A non-Baahubali record holder. But the team claims it to be the fastest and faster than Baahubali.

Are audience so blind to believe these hype building promotional stunts ? Don’t they know what Baahubali has been at least, if not the exact numbers ? They do, they know that Khaidi No 150, and also other star hero films wouldn’t come closer to the havoc called Baahubali any soon. Then why Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind are playing so blind ?