Startups Will Flourish If There Is A Fair Market And Open Internet: ADIF Chief

By Nishant Arora New Delhi, December 12, 2012 : As India’s startup/unicorn industry experiences a tremendous growth rate, it is essential that there be a level playing field for all stakeholders and participants.

 Startups Will Flourish If There Is A Fair Market And Open Internet: Adif

George stated in an interview with IANS that only fair and open markets will allow for long-term innovation, growth, and protection of ecosystem health.

ADIF’s work is even more crucial because of the antitrust and anticompetitive issues posed worldwide by big tech corporations.George stressed that it is almost impossible for single, small players to resist the power of big Tech companies, which have the ability to shut down businesses in an instant.

India is now the third-largest startup ecosystem after China and the USA.

George believes it’s crucial that all stakeholders unite to make a strong voice and enlist the leadership of larger organizations to help the cause.He also recommends advocating with government/relevant authorities for legal or legislative action.

It is crucial to bring attention to the problems that impact our ecosystem and Startups, as well as data and information, in the form research reports, publications, and stakeholder conversations.

He said that only informed decisions and the exchange of ideas can lead to better business or policy decision making.

To ensure India’s digital market, the Alliance of Digital India Foundation has partnered with Coalition for App Fairness (USA).

It now includes more than 460 Startups and it is expanding.

George stated that no developer should have to work in an anticompetitive market, which hinders innovation, success and growth.

Google’s Play Store Commission Cut was a distraction and deflect tactic used by the ADIF, which is nothing more than a reduced “Lagaan”

George explained that the interim petition filed with the CCI in the Google Lagaan case is one example of such an intervention, while the petition requesting a writ on the issues pertaining to advertising tech is another.

On December 10, Google said it is extending the timeline for developers in India from March 31, 2022 to October 31, 2022 to help them better integrate with Play Store’s billing system.

The ADIF said that this move gives developers short-term relief for their anxiety.

“The reality is that app owners have been in a very tough spot as they are unsure if they should unwillingly comply with Google’s new policies and be hopeful of a Competition Commission of India’s (CCI) intervention on the interim relief petition for maintaining the status quo.Google’s deadline extension certainly gives them more time but doesn’t take away their uncertainty,” George stressed.

In the long run, it’s proactive and progressive legislation that will best address the underlying issues and also pave the wave for ecosystem growth in the long term.

“Most of our existing laws are either inadequate or ill-equipped to address & enable the unique nature of some of the new and nascent industry categories.A fair amount of our efforts hence will also be working towards enabling legislation,” the ADIF executive added.

The ADIF recently condemned Amazon’s “predatory playbook” of allegedly copying, rigging and killing Indian brands, urging the Centre for timely intervention.

“The manner in which the e-commerce giant has targeted the Indian market and leading brands in the country is highly deplorable and brings into question the credibility of Amazon as a good faith operator in the Indian startup ecosystem,” George had said.

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