Facial Massage For Skin Rejuvenation

Facial massage for skin rejuvenation

By N.Lothungbeni Humtsoe New Delhi, Nov 30, (IANSlife).There is nothing better than a healthy glow.People don’t realize that makeup looks better when it is applied to healthy, glowing skin.

 Facial Massage For Skin Rejuvenation-TeluguStop.com

While a lot of attention is paid to moisturizing and cleansing, facial massage is just as important.

Massaging the face can increase blood circulation and relax the skin, reducing stress and tiredness.

Face massages can help increase collagen synthesis, which can lead to skin glowing and smoothening fine lines.To achieve the desired results, one should massage their face at least 2 to 3 times per week.

Rachit Gupta is Director, OxyGlow Cosmetics Pvt.Ltd.shares, “Facial hair is delicater than skin on the other parts of the body and requires a lot more attention and care.” The facial skin suffers from a lackluster sheen and natural glow due to a hectic lifestyle.Face massages with natural gels are a great way to solve common problems such as uneven skin tone, patchy skin, acne, scars, spots, premature aging, and dullness.Gels are recommended because they can be used on all skin types and don’t cause any skin damage.

They moisturize the skin and restore the glow.You can achieve amazing results in just 5 minutes.

What can a 5-minute massage accomplish?

* Natural glow is achieved by improving blood circulation
* Moves lymphatic fluid to remove toxins
* Regular massages can reduce fine lines and keep wrinkles at bay
* Increases collagen production, which helps in improving elasticity.It also prevents the skin from sagging.
* Improves skin tone and helps to reduce scarring and acne.
* Reduces stress in the muscles and helps in relaxation mentally.This can elevate one’s mood.

How to do it right

* Wash your hands well
Wash your face with water, a mild face wash, and then dry it.
* Use a natural gel to massage the face
Steam your face to open your pores
Use your fingertips to gently massage the skin.Use circular motions to massage the skin.You can also use a rolling pin.

Remember to not apply too much pressure when massaging.Use gentle movements and be careful around the eyes.The skin is extremely sensitive.Massage your face using slow, outward motions.Massage your face from the forehead down, covering all areas.

Natural gels for massage that contain aloe vera, herbs, mint, or rose are best.Gels are light and moisturizing, but not oily.

They provide nourishment for the skin’s delicate areas.They can be used on both dry and oily skin types.

Many people have combination skin, so they are often concerned about choosing the right product.Natural gels are the best option in this situation.

Because of their beneficial ingredients, gels can also be used to heal and repair the skin.

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