Extra ordinary openings all over for Khaidi No 150     2017-01-10   23:37:11  IST  Raghu V

Megastar is back and with a bang. The crowned emperor of Telugu Cinema has been welcomed by the audience in a grand affair. Be it with advance bookings or be it with the crowds at single screens, this is euphoria, Megastar mania.

Benefits shows have seen never seen before occupancy and the morning shows have started all over with heavy return fulls. Like they said “Boss is back”. Anything is possible, the day 1 figure would land anywhere above 20cr share in Telugu states. In actual, that’s the minimum figure.

Baahubali openings are endangered in Nizam and Andhra. The USA Premiers have already clocked the 1 Million mark (final report after sometime).

Hires are humongous and noon shows have taken by Mega storm. If the same trend continues throughout the day, new opening day record is on cards.