Ex-BJP MP Alleges He Was Honey-trapped, Blackmailed

Ex-BJP MP says he was blackmailed, honey-trapped and threatened

Bijnor 19 Aug : Kunwar Bhartendra Singh, an ex- BJP member from Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor has filed an official complaint with the police, claiming that he was ‘honey-trapped’ as well as blackmailed by an unidentified woman’ who demanded sexual favors from him through an online video call.
The complaint was made at Najibabad police station.

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“I received several video messages from an unknown person just a few days ago.I disconnected multiple times, but they continued to call me over and over.Then I received a text message via WhatsApp, in which the caller identified herself as an individual woman and asked me to answer the call.

“When I finally got hold of the woman, she demanded sexual favors from me.I immediately disconnected but received another call in which she was seen in an uncompromising position.When I disconnected I was shown images that had been morphed with my face removed from the conversation,” Singh claimed.

He further claimed that the woman started harassing him shortly after, threatening him with the release of the photos.

In a statement to reporters Bijnor SP Dinesh Singh said: “Police have registered a case in accordance with section 67 (transmitting obscene material) of the IT Act and section 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC based on the complaint made by Kunwar Bhartendra Singh.A probe is in progress and we are attempting to locate the accused woman.We ask users to not answer any unknown video calls from their mobile phones.”

The SP said that scams are very common on social media, and the women involved with it call video typically at night.

When someone receives the phone their photo is added to the video of the video.

Then, the group members threaten them with blackmail to get money.If they are scared, they pay money to the SP said.