Official : Evergreen beauty in for Pawan Kalyan – Trivikram film     2016-12-27   22:31:12  IST  Raghu V

If you were a man/boy and used to be a regular movie goer in the 90’s, surely, you used to be an ardent fan of Khushboo. The aura, her star status was different and in her own league, she was the topper. This evergreen beauty was often termed as the Queen of Southern Cinema.

After 8-9 years, Khushboo will be back to the Telugu land of Cinema. It’s official, the yesteryear actress will play a key role in Pawan Kalyan – Trivikram film. Khushboo herself, has confirmed the news while ago via her Twitter account.

Khushboo was lastly in Chiranjeevi’s Stalin and NTR’ Yamadonga (cameo). In a sense, her last Telugu film was with a Mega Hero and again she is making her comeback with a Mega Hero.