Even Mahesh Babu says B.com lo Physics     2017-05-03   00:29:54  IST  Raghu V

Ask any Telugu speaking tongue who is active in social media, he/she couldn’t stop laughing by narrating background story of the epic “B.com lo Physics untadi”. This answer was given by TDP leader Jaleel Khan, when he was asked to talk about his academics. That video went viral within no time and became huge troll material. Interestingly, even YCP president Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken a dig at “B.com lo Physics” once in Assembly.

Now Superstar Mahesh is going to use this popular line in his Spyder. It it heard that lyric writer Ramajogayya Sastry has inserted “B.com lo Physics” in one of the romantic songs he has written in the film. Let’s see how this popular line helps Spyder audio when it gets released.

In other news, a new schedule of this Telugu – Tamil bilingual biggie has started today in Hyderabad. There is still 20 days of shoot left. Although Spyder would get wrapped up in May, director Murugadoss wants to spend more time on post production works including VFX to assure a great output. The makers are aiming to release this 120cr budgeted film on August 11 this year.