Even In A Room Full Of People Who Love Me, I\'ve Felt Alone: Virat Kohli

And even in the midst of a crowd of my loved ones I’ve been lonely: Virat Kohli

New Delhi, Aug 18 : Former India captain Virat Kohli claimed that the constant stress and scrutiny can affect the mental health of an athlete negatively.He personally has had this experience, adding he felt Lonely, at times, even though he was in the midst of a crowd of people.
Kohli has been the subject of constant scrutiny, particularly in the recent past when he has been through a slump in international cricket.He has resigned from T20I and also IPL captaincy to ease the pressure.

 Even In A Room Full Of People Who Love Me, I've Felt Alone: Virat Kohli-TeluguStop.com

The top batter was relegated as captain of the ODI team following the loss of the ODI captaincy.he also renounced captaincy of the Test team in unplanned fashion in the midst of the year following the loss of a series in South Africa.

Virat the cricketer, considered to be one of the most fit cricketers in the world despite being in the wrong part of the 30s has been vocal regarding the importance of mental health and breaks for cricketers.He has also frequently explained how the epidemic has made life difficult for athletes who must constantly contend with limitations and bio-bubble conditions.

After a rest as India went on tour in West Indies and Zimbabwe, the 35-year-old is ready to take part in the 2022 Asia Cup, which gets in the air in the UAE on the 27th of August.

“For athletes, sports can bring out the best of the player.However, at the same that the amount of stress you’re constantly under can impact the mental health negatively.It’s a serious problem and no matter how we strive to be strong throughout the day it can break your body apart,” Kohli told The Indian Express.

Kohli also offered a tidbit to athletes in the beginning and said it’s crucial to stay in contact with your inner self and set aside the time needed to relax and recuperate from the demands of the sport.

“My advice to athletes who are aspiring would be to remember that physical fitness and the focus on recovery are essential to becoming a great athlete however, in the same way, it’s essential to stay in contact with your own self-image,” the batter said.

“I personally have had times where even in an environment full of people who love and support me, I was Lonely and I am sure that is a feeling many of people have experienced.So, take some time to yourself to reconnect with your true self.

If you don’t feel connected it shouldn’t take too time for things to fall around you.

“You must learn to organize your time so that you have balance.It’s not easy like everything else in life but it’s worth investing in as it’s the only way to have an overall sense of satisfaction and peace when you work,” he added.

The former skipper said that the time spent with his family members and traveling has helped him relax after a hectic season in the professional sports.

“The most important thing that helps me relax after a busy season is time with my family.In addition I also love spending time doing what I love to do.Traveling is a way to help me relax a lot and of course, coffee.I’m convinced that I’m a coffee lover and love trying new flavors and coffee shops all over the world,” Kohli said.

Despite his busy schedule the Delhi-born cricketer never is absent from his training.

“My fitness journey is a fascinating one.The beginning months are most challenging because this is when you have to really work hard.All that will keep you motivated is your determination and the determination to make the changes in your lifestyle.

That is why I do to make sure that I never miss my exercise routine,” he said.

“My daily routine is comprised of easy things like keeping well-hydrated, eating healthy foods that aid in detoxifying my body, as well as assisting my body recover quicker,” he added.


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