EU Emergency Gas Plan For Winter To Enter Into Force Next Week

EU emergency gas policy for winter is set to come into force in the next week

Brussels on Aug.6, : A crisis European Union (EU) gas conservation plan, spurred by the fear of the shut-off of Russian gas, will go in Force at the beginning of next week, after the EU’s member states have completed a final step in the procedure that the Czech EU Presidency announced.
The plan allows for an uninvoluntary 15 percent reduction in EU member states’ consumption of gas between August 1st, 2022 until March 31st, 2023.This is in comparison to the average consumption in the same timeframe over the last five years, according to the DPA news agency.

 Eu Emergency Gas Plan For Winter To Enter Into Force Next

An Emergency mechanism that can trigger an alert across the entire bloc in the case of massive shortages of gas is provided to make the gas-savings goals obligatory.

The purpose of the cuts in consumption is to make sure that there are the Emergency transfer of gas to EU member states facing shortages in the event that supplies drop to critical levels in the effort to lessen Russia’s influence against the EU.

EU members ratified to the agreement in July, when Russia cut gas supplies to the bloc due to technical and maintenance issues related to Western sanctions that were imposed on Moscow for attempting to invade Ukraine.

The EU considers the decision to be revenge for punitive measures and is politically motivated.

Germany in particular is being pressured to conserve gas in the face of severely limited Russian supplies.

On the basis of European Commission data, dpa has determined that Germany has to cut its consumption of gas more than other EU state in order to meet the goal set by the bloc of savings of 15 percent.

To meet the EU goal, Germany must save 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the first of August through March of next year.equivalent to the average annual consumption of gas of five million households with four people.

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