Espionage Accused Sent On Two-day Remand For Questioning

Jaipur, Sep 11 : A Jaipur court on Saturday sent an espionage accused, the MTS Railway Post Office worker, a resident of Jodhpur, on a two-day remand to the state intelligence team of Rajasthan.

 Espionage Accused Sent On Two-day Remand For

He was arrested on Friday for allegedly supplying secret documents of the Indian Army to a Pakistani woman agent.

Now he has been sent to the remand till September 13 for questioning.

According to Director General of Police Intelligence Umesh Mishra, the accused had made his Facebook ID in the name of Bharat Godara.

About 6 months ago, a message from a female Pakistani intelligence agent came on his Facebook messenger, after which the accused started talking to the said female agent through a voice call and video call on WhatsApp.Information was shared about the documents of strategic importance coming to the Railway Post Office related to the Army.

Two mobile phones have been recovered from the possession of the accused.The accused used to delete entire information before leaving the office, however the intelligence team has been successful in recovering a lot of deleted data and chats by conducting technical tests of mobile phones.

Information about the arrest of the accused was sent to the superintendent of his department, Jaipur Division.Intensive interrogation is being done in collaboration with the CID Intelligence and Military Intelligence and his bank account details will be checked on Monday to know if any money was paid in lieu of information.

After checking all suspicious mobile numbers, efforts are being made to find out if this Pakistani female agent was in touch with any other person and what kind of information was shared with them.Information will be sought to find out as to how much information sent affects the national security system, said the officials