Emergency Jet Landing In Anantapur Agriculture Fields!  

Just as if cut from a Hollywood movie scene, a jet from the skies has landed in the agriculture fields.This shocking incident took place today afternoon in the Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh.

Emergency Jet Landing In Anantapur Agriculture Fields! - Telugu Flight Lands Fields

According to sources, a 4-passenger jet aircraft was en route to Ballari Jindal factory from Mysore.Just as it entered the air space above Anantapur, the aircraft encountered a technical glitch, demanding a forced landing.

The pilot had no other choice but to land the aircraft immediately in the visible agricultural fields.

At the time of the incident, one more person was there with the pilot in the aircraft.

No one is injured.As soon as the news broke out, the locals gathered at the location.Speaking on the incident the pilot said, ‘all of a sudden there was a technical glitch.Initially, I thought to move ahead.

However, I soon realized it is not a wise option, and finally chose to land the aircraft in the fields.

With the visibility being good with the even terrain, thanks to the agricultural fields, we evaded a major accident’.