Egyptian Fm Calls For Gaza Ceasefire Before Ramadan

Egyptian FM calls for Gaza ceasefire before Ramadan

Ankara, March 2 : Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has called for a truce in Gaza before the holy month of Ramadan expected to begin this year around March 11.

 Egyptian Fm Calls For Gaza Ceasefire Before

“I believe that everyone recognises that it is necessary to reach a ceasefire before Ramadan both for the security of Palestinians and due to its religious nature,” Shoukry told the semi-official Anadolu Agency on Friday in southern Turkey where he was attending the Antalya Diplomacy Forum.

The Egyptian Minister emphasised that the military actions during Ramadan would not only affect civilians in Gaza and the West Bank but also create a tense atmosphere in the Arab and Muslim world, Xinhua news agency reported.

Cairo calls for an immediate ceasefire, Shoukry said, adding, “We are working on this, and we will continue to make every effort.We hope for the necessary flexibility and understanding in ending dangers and hostilities.”

Discussing a plan that would allow Israel to carry out military operations while ensuring the safety of civilians is not appropriate, he added.

The ongoing Antalya Diplomacy Forum hosts representatives from 147 countries around the world.

According to diplomatic sources, nearly 4,500 participants, including 19 heads of state, 73 Ministers, and 57 international representatives, attended this year’s forum.



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