EC Introduces Unique Symbol | కారుకి రోలర్ .. కమలానికి క్యాలీ ఫ్లవర్ ! వామ్మో కష్టాలు మామూలుగా లేవు

As we all know the by polls for the Huzurabad assembly constitution is near in future and all the political parties are campaigning at a high level and they started to criticizing the TRS party for being more irresponsible for the welfare of people in the state.

 Ec Introduces Unique Symbol

We all know that Eetela Rajender has been suspended by the TRS party on the allegation on government land scams in the state.

soon after the party suspended him he left the TRS party and joined in BJP Party.

Now all the parties are heavily involved in the campaigns and election activities that election Commission has been issuing different Symbols for the independent candidates.

As of now for this by polls there are at least 30 candidates for applying for a single post.We all have to wait and see the result of this by poll in Huzurabad.

Publish: Ithihas K

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#Califlower #Telangana #ElectionSymbols #Congress #Lotus