Eating Grapes Can Prevent Tooth Decay – Study  

Eating Grapes Can Prevent Tooth Decay – Study -

It is generally said that eating lots of grapes can harm your teeth.Due to the acidic elements in the grapes, people started believing in something which is actually a fabricated false, says researchers from Chicago Dentistry college.

They have published a report stating how grapes can actually prevent tooth decay.

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Tooth decay comes at you when acid is produced from plaque which forms up on your teeth.

This plaque and acid destroys the surface of your tooth.The tooth has holes and injuries called as cavities.

The cavity begins to eat away at the second level of tooth material that lies beneath the enamel and dentin.Here you need an adhesive element to keep the teeth hanging.

The presence of quite a few natural compounds in grapes can make teeth stronger and boost the strength of fillings as found by the scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry.The extract from the grape seeds, which is a by product of wine can make this happen, opined the scientists.

if you wonder how this happens, this extract enhances the longevity of composite-resin fillings.In general, the composite resin fillings last only five to seven years.

Contrary to popular belief, the acidic nature of grapes actually removes the plaque and harm acidic properties on your teeth.You need not and should not eat grapes too much frequently.

A moderate intake is enough to protect your from tooth decay.

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