Shocker: Another Death In Tollywood Today

Shocker: Another death in Tollywood today

Tollywood which is suffering with series of deaths is come across another shock today.Prominent DTS Sound engineer P.Madhusudhan Reddy (50) died today due to cardiac arrest.Madhusudhan has been credited for several breakthrough techniques in the sound department.

 Shocker: Another Death In Tollywood

He worked with the Tollywood industry for over 2 decades and has contributed to over 123 films.Madhusudhana Reddy worked in Ramanaidu, Sabdalaya studios and also won many Nandi awards.

The very recent one movie he worked as sound engineer is ‘Oka Laila Kosam’ and ’Manam,’

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Madhusudhan Reddy showed the innovative ways in DTS Mixing, Sound Recording and Sound Designing His masterpiece works includes Sisindri, Gulabi, Okkadu, Arundhathi among others.The master technician was always first to adopt new technologies in the ever-dynamic scenario of music and sound.

As news of Madhusudhan Reddy’s demise spread, there was a spate of condolences and people made their way to his residence to pay their expresses deepest condolences to his family and pays homage to legendary soul.