Dortmund Coach Terzic Demanding A Positive Mindset Ahead Of Champions League Duel Against Newcastle

Dortmund coach Terzic demanding a positive mindset ahead of Champions League duel against Newcastle

Berlin, Nov 7 : Positive thinking is the key to a return to happiness for Borussia Dortmund.

 Dortmund Coach Terzic Demanding A Positive Mindset Ahead Of Champions League

Despite the disillusioning 4-0 defeat in the German Classico against Bayern Munich, the UEFA Champions League with the group encounter against Newcastle on home soil is providing a perfect chance to shift the tide, reports Xinhua.

BVB coach Edin Terzic seemed to slip into the role of a mental trainer when pointing out “we went through 17 unbeaten games before, including the 1-0 victory in Newcastle.It’s on us to remember and take it as a source of strength.”

The 41-year-old urged his team to forget about the recent setback and to focus instead on the courage they possess, “when we unleash our potential.”

While Thursday’s encounter against the Premier League side approaches as a pivotal moment in the race for group F’s second position behind table leaders PSG, “it’s on us to show the suitable reaction and stay on track,” he stated.

Terzic highlighted the 2021 German Cup winners’ resilience when returning after setbacks such as the previous season’s near-miss for the national title.”We came back, that’s a fact,” the Dortmund coach said.

A sold-out arena with over 80,000 fans is expected to be the perfect stage to redeem themselves after the Classico disappointment “as it isn’t a thing of the past we did better; it’s still around.”

Sporting director Sebastian Kehl joined in, expressing confidence, “we are not torn to pieces; we are not left back in debris and ashes.”

Terzic and Kehl now hope for the return of team captain Emre Can, whose lion-hearted game style seems irreplaceable in bolstering a wavering side.Suffering from an injury in Newcastle, it remains a close contest for Can to make his return in time.

As much as the Black and Yellow coach hopes the defeat against Bayern was a wake-up call, new arrivals for the deficient defense seem inevitable.

Sporting director Kehl conceded that the club is exploring options to add additional quality in the upcoming winter break or next summer.

The media is abuzz with talks of BVB targeting Bournemouth defender Lloyd Kelly, whose contract is expiring in 2024.Aside from Kelly, there’s ongoing interest in former Black and Yellow winger and current Manchester United player Jadon Sancho.

Recent reports in the UK suggest that Manchester United may be open to negotiations for the gifted striker.

Regarding the Newcastle duel, Terzic demanded “an honest analysis” which “tells us what we need to do to be successful.” From the Dortmund coach’s perspective, it doesn’t require a huge leap to move forward.But big dreaming isn’t what’s needed right now: “It’s much more, talking about what we can realistically achieve and what not.”

“We know how to do it; we did it in Newcastle,” Terzic concluded, ahead of the crucial challenge against the Magpies.


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