Don’t eat these 7 foods in dinner for good sleep       2017-10-23   06:24:56  IST  Raghu V

* No matter how much you are addicted to coffee, just don’t have you cup right before the bed or even couple of hours before bed. Caffeine keep your brain active for couple to few hours with ease. So, coffee is not a great thing at night.

* Avoid spicy foods at night. They could cause irritation in stomach and also heart burn. Spicy foods don’t offer a pleasant sleep at nights.

* Don’t take sugar foods at night. You don’t participate in a by physical activity at nights. So, the extra calories you get from sodas and sugars don’t get converted into energy. Instead, they get converted into fats.

* Orange juice might be your favourite and it might also be a beneficial drink carrying vitamin C, just avoid drinking it at nights since citrus fruits are supposed to create acid reflux. That would bother your sleep. Morning is the best time for having a glass of orange juice.

* Try to avoid non veg foods at night. You better way non veg items in the afternoons. There is a fact that humans eat more than what they usually do while they have non veg on the table. Eating too much at nights isn’t good.

* Prefer drinking alcohol in the evenings. Regular intake of alcohol at nights would disturb your sleep pattern. Besides, alcohol intake will also bring dehydration and cause hangovers. Remember, you don’t drink anything during sleep. So, dehydration is bound to happen.

* Canned and junk food should also be avoided in dinner. They too cause disturbances in your stomach and interrupt the sleep with irritating bowel movements.