Boycott Tanishq Trends On Twitter After Their Latest Ad On Wedding.

The Indian Internet is no stranger to outrage.An advertisement by Titan Group’s Tanishq Jewellery featuring an interfaith married couple has received severe backlash on Twitter, with ‘#BoycottTanishq’

 Boycott Tanishq Trends On Twitter After Their Latest Ad On

The advertisement, which was released on 9 October, shows a Muslim family preparing a traditional Hindu baby shower for their pregnant Hindu daughter-in-law.

Netizens are angry with Tanishq, a leading jewelry retailer.This is because of the announcement made for the new collection introduced for ‘Unity’.

In it, a Muslim family invites a Hindu ax to their home and prepares to confine the girl.Puttinti is celebrated in a grand manner according to Hindu tradition to evoke love.

Just for her they put aside their tradition and do that celebration.Usually, no one does this.“These are a beautiful blend of different religions, traditions, and cultures,” the Tanishq company described.The hashtag #Boycott Tanishq is trending on social media that the video is meant to promote love jihad and that there is no need to buy Tanishq products anymore.

Others, however, say that there is no need to make such a mistake in this ad and that such ads should be promoted to promote religious harmony.