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After a string of debacles that followed the success of ‘Raja the Great’, Ravi Teja has been eyeing on a good comeback.The teasers and trailers from ‘Disco Raja’ seemed promising, and raised the expectations on the film.Disco Raja has hit the screens today, and let us see whether Ravi Teja is back, or he still needs that ‘one’ more film to come back strongly.

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The movie starts with an exciting action episode with a murder attempt on the protagonist.A team of doctors find Ravi Teja’s brain dead in the hilly terrain of Ladakh.While they manage to bring Ravi Teja back to life, he loses his memory in the process.

Coming back to consciousness, he tries to escape the sophisticated bio-lab and the movie opens with him in Delhi.Nabha Natesh and Ravi shake their leg for ‘Dilliwala’, and the story picks pace.

A while later Ravi Teja recollects his memory, and there enters Disco Raja with ‘Freaking Out’ number on the screen.With Bobby Simha character introduced, and a kidnap drama unfolding, the interval scenes take you by surprise.

The second half starts with the flashback of Ravi Teja and his sidekick gang.Ravi Teja and gang complete a bank robbery with ‘Rum Rum Rum’ song in the background, only to start assaulting Bobby Simha’s businesses.The drama continues with Payal Rajput entry and the romantic love track that unfolds between these two.The movie slowly slips in a revenge drama, and Bobby Simha’s gang and Ravi Teja’s gang are involved in a confrontation.
In an attempt to find out about Disco Raja, Bobby Simha moves to Ladakh with only the climax to remain.A shocking twist leaves you spellbound, and the movie ends on a positive note.


Ravi Teja aces his role in the film.His on-screen performance is a treat to watch and gives the feeling of ‘Vintage Ravi Teja’ on-screen at times.There is no denial that he has given his cent per cent in the film.The sidekick gang of Ravi Teja limits itself to few hero-elevating scenes and a robbery skit.

Despite the lack of screen space in the first half, Sunil gets a decent role in the latter half.Vennela Kishore did his job, and senior character artists fill the voids.
Jigirthanda fame Bobby Simha who played the antagonist role in the movie does his best in the scope provided to him.Though it is not impactful as one might wish, he manages to succeed a bit.

Both the beauties managed to put a good show with Nabha Natesh looking cute and hot in Dilliwala.Payal Rajput makes a good pair with Ravi Teja on screen, with her acting receiving attention.Tanya Hope just shows up on the screen for few scenes only to appear in the climax, along with other two ladies.


The director did set up the first half very well with a sci-fi layer but later took the film into a run of the mill revenge drama of the 1980s.In an attempt to light up the scenes, the director’s choice of forced comedy did not farewell.A better narration and improved screenplay could have made this sci-fi revenge drama a bit more worthy.

Too many twists and ample surprises make you feel worn out at the end.
Karthik Ghattamaneni behind the lens has shown off his skills yet again and presents the movie in an eye-relishing manner.Thaman’s music is the biggest asset of the film, and the BGM takes the movie to a new level when required.With a couple of chartbusters.The production values are top-notched, and the artwork in the film deserves special mention.


  • Ravi Teja Screen Presence
  • Opening scenes and First Half
  • Cinematography, Songs, and BGM
  • Interval Block


  • Second half
  • Narration and screenplay
  • Typical revenge drama
  • Underexploited Sci-Fi angle

Final Take: Disco Raja shows Vintage Ravi, but misses the beat!

Rating: 3.0/5


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