Director Trivikram Seems Too Interested In That Actor!  

‘Wizard of Words’ director Trivikram has the knack of delivering ordinary content, in an extraordinary way.His one-liners and hits backs are a treat on the silver screen.

Director Trivikram Seems Too Interested In That Actor! - Telugu Srinivas Next Movie Ntr Sunil Movies

Everyone in and outside the film circles knows about his bonding with his long-term roommate and friend, actor Sunil.It was because of director Trivikram Sunil managed to bag big offers during his early days in his career.

Post that, Sunil went onto become one the busiest actors until the thought of ‘turning into a hero’ popped up in his mind.Apart from a couple of films, the actor struggled in the lead role.

Despite many directors offering him good-length character roles, he rejected them and insisted he would only act as a hero.With time, he has lost his place as a character artist and is now struggling for a comeback even in his second innings.

Director Trivikram gave Sunil another chance, by roping him in Ala Vaikuntapuramulo, hoping that the latter would bounce back.However, things did not move the way he might have wished.

Unwilling to give up on his friend, Trivikram is writing a special track for Sunil in his upcoming movie.The director is confident that Sunil will bounce back with a bang this time around.