Did TDP insult Allu Arjun?     2017-11-16   04:38:34  IST  Raghu V

Tap any Telugu movie lover today, he/she will only discuss about the controversy around the recently announced Nandi Awards. Audience, critics and also film producers and filmmakers like Gunasekhar, Bandla Ganesh and Bunny Vasu lashing their whips against the Andhra Pradesh government with an allegation of being unfair to honestly made films and being partial towards TDP loyals.

Leave the debate of Manam vs Legend, here is another blunder made by the TDP government. Allu Arjun has been awarded with “best character artist” for Rudhramadevi, when the unit has actually applied for “best supporting male” award. Here is the copy of the application submitted by team Rudhramadevi.

After writing a public letter to Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu asking for an explanation over the pattern the government has followed in selecting the winners, the filmmaker has arranged a press meet pointing out the blunder the jury made in Allu Arjun’s case. Showing the application copy to media, Gunasekhar termed the government act as an insult to the actor.

“Being a huge star Allu Arjun helped our Rudramadevi with intention to save a historical film. He won all other awards as Best actor or best support actor. We have applied for same category but Jury gave him character artist. It’s unfair, see our application” Gunasekhar said.