\'did L\'il Masters 5\': Why Geeta Kapur Is Afraid Of Sitting Behind Remo On A Scooter!

‘DID L’il Masters 5’: Why Geeta Kapur is afraid of sitting behind Remo on a scooter!

Mumbai, April 3 : Bollywood’s well-known choreographer and judge Geeta Kapur shares why she didn’t sit on the scooter with Remo D’Souza during the shoot and how she never plans to go on a ride with him as well on ‘DID L’il Masters 5’.

 'did L'il Masters 5': Why Geeta Kapur Is Afraid Of Sitting Behind Remo On A Scoo-TeluguStop.com

While Remo D’Souza, Mouni Roy and Sonali Bendre are seen as the judges on the show, this week saw Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis appearing as a celebrity guest.

The moment became more special as it was the reunion of three judges of ‘DID’ – Remo D’Souza, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis after a hiatus of ten years on the show.

During the show, Remo entered on a scooter while Geeta and Terence followed him.It also made the trio nostalgic about an incident that took place on ‘DID’ 11 years ago.

Geeta Kapur recalls: “It is an honour for us to be standing here in front of you all on the sets of ‘DID L’il Masters’ today.11 years ago, we were right here and looking at this scooter today, several memories of our time as judges of the show came back to us.In fact, I remember that we had taken this very scooter for the Kolkata auditions 11 years ago and we met with an accident amongst the massive crowd that had gathered in the city.”

“Unfortunately, Remo was badly hurt, and he had fractured his legs, leaving all of us scared.Even today, I was afraid of sitting behind him on this scooter and because of this reason, Terence and I walked behind him and didn’t sit on the scooter (laughs).Having said that, despite the pain, Remo came up to the stage and performed for the grand premiere episode of the show back then and I salute him for his dedication.”

“Even though his leg was fractured, he continued coming for the shots.He is truly one of the most dedicated people I know,” she adds.

‘DID L’il Masters Season 5’ airs on Zee TV.

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