Dgca Approves Garuda Aerospace\'s Kisan Drone

DGCA approves Garuda Aerospace’s Kisan drone

Chennai, Dec 24 : The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued the Type Certification for the Kisan or farmer drones made by Garuda Aerospace, the company said.

 Dgca Approves Garuda Aerospace's Kisan Drone-TeluguStop.com

Garuda Aerospace also said it has an order book of 5,000 drones.

According to Garuda Aerospace, the DGC Type Certification is provided on the basis of the quality check of the drones and is issued after a rigorous testing process for the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The Type certification was introduced by the Indian government in August 2021 under Drone Rules.

Following the Type Certification for the GA-AG model, Garuda Kisan Drone – priced at Rs.4.50 lakh- is now eligible for Rs.10 lakh unsecured loan from Agri Infrastructure Fund at five per cent and 50-100 per cent subsidy from the Government of India.

“We are powered and blessed with strong demands of manufacturing 5,000 drones in the next five months catering to many opportunities.With receiving approvals we are certain that the necessary utilization of skills with significant sector growth will be seen,” Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO, Garuda Aerospace said.

The company is also a DGCA authorised Remote Pilot Training Organisation (RPTO) to train people to operate drones.


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