Delhi\'s Anti-smog Arsenal To Be In Use As Grap-iii Lifted (ld)

Delhi’s anti-smog arsenal to be in use as GRAP-III lifted (Ld)

New Delhi, Nov 29 : Delhi’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday said that the use of 215 mobile anti-smog guns and 375 water sprinklers will continue across the national capital to control pollution levels.

 Delhi's Anti-smog Arsenal To Be In Use As Grap-iii Lifted (ld)

“Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP)-III has been lifted.

According to weather department forecasts, fluctuations in AQI levels may occur if the wind speed decreases.The Environment Department is directing the implementation of measures outlined in GRAP 1 and 2 across all departments, maintaining precautions at current hotspots,” said Rai, while addressing a press conference at the Delhi Secretariat.

A meeting was also held at the Delhi Secretariat with the Environment Department and DPCC for the proper implementation and strict compliance with the restrictions of GRAP-I and II in Delhi.

“After the meeting, the Environment Department has also issued orders to all relevant departments for pollution control.

Additionally, teams such as the anti-dust campaign teams, anti-open burning campaign teams, and the PUC checking teams have been instructed to continue their work diligently,” said Rai.

“Instructions have been given to sprinkle water on the identified roads every day and use mechanical sweeping machines continuously.Water is being sprayed with 215 mobile anti-smog guns.Out of these 60 mobile anti-smog guns have been deployed for hotspots.

A total of 375 water sprinkling machines have been deployed and 82 mechanical sweeping machines are in operation,” said Rai.

The Minister said that construction sites with an area of 500 sqm or more must be registered on the Web portal, for which the DPCC has been instructed to run a special campaign.

“It is necessary to follow 14 rules related to dust norms at all construction sites.Teams will take strict action if the rules are not followed.For this, 591 teams have been deployed.Instructions have been given to strictly follow the rules regarding the deployment of anti-smog guns at C&D construction sites,” said Rai.

“A total of 611 teams have been deployed under the anti-open burning campaign.The Anti-open burning campaign is being run in Delhi from November 14.It will continue till December 14,” said Rai.

He stated that Instructions have been given to strictly follow the PUC rules for vehicles and impose maximum penalties on polluting vehicles.

“For this, 84 teams have been deployed by the Transport Department.Also, 284 teams of Delhi Police have been deployed.

Instructions have been given to solve the problem of traffic congestion by deploying special teams at the 91 traffic congestion points mentioned by the traffic police,” said Rai.

On Tuesday, the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) Sub-Committee issued an order revoking the Stage-III actions under the GRAP with immediate effect in Delhi and its peripherals.

The decision, made in response to the prevailing air quality conditions by CAQM, rescinds the order issued on November 2.The air quality in the national Capital continued to remain in the ‘very poor’ category on Wednesday morning with the overall AQI at 318, according to data from the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research.



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