Delhi Riots: Court Grants Bail To Man Accused Of Being Part Of Mob

Delhi riots: Court grants bail to man accused of being part of mob

New Delhi, June 5 : A Delhi court on Monday granted bail to a man who was accused of being a part of a violent mob during the 2020 communal riots in northeast Delhi.

 Delhi Riots: Court Grants Bail To Man Accused Of Being Part Of

The court said that since most of the other accused in the case were already out on bail and there was no need for further custodial questioning, the accused should also be granted bail.

The bail plea of Ajay Goswami was heard by Additional Sessions Judge, Pulastya Pramachala.

The judge noted that all the accused, except for Vishnu who was yet to receive bail, had been released on bail in the case.

Since Goswami was recently arrested and a supplementary chargesheet was still awaited, the judge concluded that there was no requirement for his custodial interrogation.

On the grounds of parity, the court granted him bail and asked the applicant to furnish a personal bond on Rs 10,000 and a surety bond of the like amount.

Meanwhile, the investigating officer mentioned that Goswami was identified in a video showing the mob, and a witness had named him as one of the rioters.

However, the accused’s advocate argued that Goswami was falsely implicated in the case and no incriminating evidence had been found about him.

The Shastri Nagar police had filed an FIR against him, charging him with various offences including rioting and arson.


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