Gambhir Death Threat From ISIS-K: Delhi Police Probes: Commissioner

New Delhi, Nov 24, : , Rakesh Asthana, Delhi Police Commissioner, said Wednesday that the police are investigating the death Threat made to Gautam Gambhir, Delhi BJP MP, by Isis-Kashmir.An investigation has been launched into the matter.
Asthana’s remarks were made at an Indian Women’s Press Corps event here.

 Gambhir Death Threat From Isis-k: Delhi Police Probes:

Gambhir, a former Cricketer, filed a complaint with Delhi Police earlier in the day alleging that he and his family received death Threats by Isis-Kashmir.Gambhir’s private secretary filed a complaint saying that he received an email from Isis–Kashmir on the official identification of MP Gautam Gambhir.The police chief stated that security arrangements at the Delhi MP’s home have been tightened.

IANS obtained the mail and found that it contained the following: “We are going after you and your family.” The 40-year-old Cricketer-turned-politician has been extremely vocal about several issues including terrorism in Kashmir.

Gambhir had also approached the Delhi Police in December 2019, claiming that he and his family were being Threatened by death from an international number.Gambhir had then asked the police to file a case and ensure his safety and security.

Gambhir was not the only one who was Threatened.Aditya Raj Kaul, a senior journalist, was also Threatened.

“Last night I got back-to-back Threat emails from ‘Isis Kashmir,’ saying they would behead and kill my reportage on terrorist,” Kaul shared the screenshots of the Threat email messages on Twitter.It read: “You’ve written a lot against our, now we’re going to send you on an extended journey soon.You should visit Srinagar.

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