Delhi Man Fakes Robbery After Online Gambling Losses, Cuts Himself With Blade To Deceive Police

Delhi man fakes robbery after online gambling losses, cuts himself with blade to deceive police

New Delhi, Oct 1 : A 21-year-old man purportedly orchestrated a fictitious robbery of his mobile phone and wristwatch following financial losses incurred in online gambling in north Delhi, an official said on Saturday, adding that the man sliced himself using a blade to make it look real.

 Delhi Man Fakes Robbery After Online Gambling Losses, Cuts Himself With Blade

According to police, on Thursday, one Tushar Arora, a resident of Burari’s Sant Nagar, reported that he was jogging at a desolate place when he was waylaid and his mobile phone and digital watch were robbed.

Arora further claimed that the robbers forced him to disclose his mobile phone password and, during the process, attacked him with blades before fleeing.

“In the course of the investigation, all the access roads to the scene of the incident were inspected for three motorcycles carrying individuals wearing helmets and heading toward Pushta Road, but no visuals captured such information,” said a senior police officer.

The investigative team subsequently traced the route taken by the victim.“They observed that the victim parked his scooter at 7:50 p.m.on Thursday and returned six minutes later when the (PCR) call was made,” said the official.However, considering the distance, it appeared implausible for someone to travel to Pushta, experience a robbery and injury, and return to the parking spot in just six minutes, as it was approximately one kilometre away.

“Further inquiries uncovered evidence suggesting that the victim had inflicted wounds on himself using a blade.

This fact was corroborated by the staff at the salon where he worked,” said the official.

When confronted with this evidence, the victim confessed to having staged the crime.

“He had been involved in online gambling and, having lost money, and to evade scrutiny of his phone, which contained the online gambling app, he destroyed the phone.The watch has been successfully recovered,” said the official.

“Legal action is now being pursued against the complainant for abusing the legal process,” the official added.



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