Death Toll In Ruia Hospital Incident Was 31, Says TDP

The TDP leaders are alleging that the death toll at Ruia Hospital in Tirupati was not 11 but it was 31.TDP politburo member and party legislative leader Nimmala Ramanaidu outraged that the government was misleading the people by declaring only 11 corona victims were dead.

 Death Toll In Ruia Hospital Incident Was 31, Says

Currently, the TDP politburo member is saying that the death toll might be greater than 31.He is saying that another 10 to 15 people were dead and their details are also being collected.The details like name, age, address of the deceased corona patients, who died of oxygen shortage at Ruia Hospital, were revealed to the media by the TDP spokesperson.

Speaking on the occasion, Ramanaidu incensed that the CM and the ministers were trying to hide the actual death toll regarding this incident.

 Death Toll In Ruia Hospital Incident Was 31, Says TDP-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

He alleged that some are saying that the oxygen supply to the hospital was delayed only for 5 minutes, while others are saying that it is for about 35 minutes and 40 minutes.He demanded a trial with a sitting judge into this issue.

Ramanaidu alleged that the state government is responsible for these deaths and that compensation of one crores rupees be paid to the families of each deceased.

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