Customs Seize 646g Gold At Trichy Airport, Arrest 2

Customs seize 646g gold at Trichy Airport, arrest 2

Chennai, Sep 24 : Customs officials at Tamil Nadu’s Trichy Airport seized 646 grams of gold, valued at Rs 38.70 lakh, in two separate cases, and arrested two individuals, including a woman, officials said on Sunday.

A senior customs official stated that, in the first case, two gold wires were discovered concealed within the beading of a stroller bag, and in the second case, gold was found concealed in paste form within the undergarments of a female passenger.

“The recovered gold was confiscated under the provisions of Section 110 of the Customs Act, and the passengers were subsequently arrested under Section 104 of the Customs Act,” the officials said.

Further investigations are on.


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