Covid-19 Returns In China

Covid-19 returns in China

We all know China has been the origin of the global pandemic Coronavirus.While many countries are unable to control the Covid-19, China has successfully eliminated the virus a few months ago.Many wondered what strategy China has applied to overcome it.But it seems all is not well with China now.

 Covid-19 Returns In

According to reports, the coronavirus epidemic is hitting back in China.Right now, the cases are being recorded in a hundred numbers.

In the Xinjiang region alone 89 cases were registered in a single day.April 3rd is the last day, where the cases had crossed 100.Considering the last three months, officials say this is the highest in recent times.

The Chinese government has already imposed lockdown in a few areas where the pandemic is severe and asked the officials to conduct rapid testing.

The Chinese media reported that in Beijing alone 10 lakh tests were carried recently.Till now China has 84,060 Covid-19 cases in the world table with 4,634 deaths.