Congress Spokesman Dasoju Sravan Decides To Quit Party

Congress spokesperson Dasoju Sravan decides to quit the party

Hyderabad 5 August : In a further attack on the Congress in Telangana the the national Spokesman of the party Dasoju Sravan on Friday announced his resignation from the party.
He informed reporters that he has resigned from all posts in the party and from the primary membership of the party.

 Congress Spokesman Dasoju Sravan Decides To Quit

The claim was that there is total chaos in the party that is under the direction of the state unit president A.Revanth Reddy, he declared that he was “not willing to be an animal” in the organisation and therefore decided to quit.

He said the fact that he became a part of the Congress in 2014 to show of gratitude towards Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi for carving out Telangana and after being awed by Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Jaipur Chintan Shivir.

Sravan said he worked hard to get the rank of the party’s Spokesperson for national.

He claimed that when Revanth Reddy was elected as the state president the party began giving priority to the leaders in the context of the power of money and caste.

He stated that Revanth Reddy has thrown all the principles of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to the wind in Telangana.

He has also blamed AICC director Manickam Tagore as well as the strategist Sunil for the situation of things in the AICC.

Sravan claimed that false reports were being filed against those who questioned the style of working of the state’s leadership.

He claimed that the state unit had been transformed into an “mafia” and that it was acting against the party’s fundamental principle of standing above regional, religious, and caste concerns.

When news of Sravan’s resignation was spread, Congress leaders started efforts to convince him to stay in the Congress.

Leaders from the top Kodanda Redy and Mahesh Kumar Goud rushed to his home to meet Sravan.They pleaded with Sravan to reconsider his decision.

But, Sravan made it clear that he will not reverse on his decision.

His resignation was a further attack on the Congress.

It came on the following of the resignation of MLA KomatiReddy Rajagopala Reddy.He also attacked Revanth Reddy’s leadership.


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