Congress Has Always Denied Existence Of Ram And Krishna, Says Yogi In Rajasthan\'s Amer

Congress has always denied existence of Ram and Krishna, says Yogi in Rajasthan’s Amer

Jaipur, Nov 20 : Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday addressed the Vijay Sankalp Sabha in Amer in support of BJP candidate and Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Satish Poonia.

 Congress Has Always Denied Existence Of Ram And Krishna, Says Yogi In Rajasthan'

Speaking to the mammoth gathering, he said, “the Congress has always denied the existence of Ram and Krishna.

Now the time has come that those who question the existence of Ram should question their own existence.Elections are the best medium for this.”

“Today I have come before you to tell you that work is being done in the country as per your sentiments.The Ram temple is being constructed.

It will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 22 January 2024.After 500 years, Ram Lalla will be seated in his grand temple.

I have come to call upon you to elect Satish Poonia and send him to Jaipur to the assembly.I am giving the responsibility to Satish Poonia that the people of Amer assembly constituency should definitely reach Ayodhya after January 22.If you do this then Satish Poonia will book the train in advance after December 3, we will take care of the rest in Ayodhya,” he added.

Yogi further stated, “the mining mafia, paper mafia, land mafia, forest mafia and mafias that commit crimes under the protection of powerful people have flourished in Rajasthan.

For these mafias, we have searched for bulldozers in UP.You must have seen when bulldozers were used on the mafia in UP.”

He said, “Earlier there used to be riots in UP every second-third day.There has not been a single riot in Uttar Pradesh in the last six and a half years.Now Kavad Yatras and religious events take place on a large scale in Uttar Pradesh.”

Today in the country, the Congress is the problem and the BJP is the solution.

The Congress created many big problems for the country.The Congress created the problem of terrorism.

Under the leadership of Modi, the BJP solved the problem of terrorism by abolishing Article 370.The Congress gave the problem of Naxalism.This problem is also being solved under the leadership of Modi, he added.

The Congress gave the problem of separatism.Today this problem is being solved.The Congress worked to hinder the development of the country.But today, under the leadership of Modi, development is gaining momentum by bringing schemes like railways, airports, infrastructure, medical colleges in every district, and tap water in every house.Today corona cases are increasing in all the countries including America and China.

In India, PM Modi made such a vaccine, which has ended corona forever, claimed Yogi.

The UP CM said that if there was a Congress government in the country, this vaccine would not have come.

Even if the scientists had done research and made a vaccine, the Congress would have blackened that too.

Yogi also counted the alleged failures of the Congress and said, “When there was a BJP government in Rajasthan, then many plans were prepared for development here.In the last 5 years, during the rule of the Congress government, Rajasthan became number one in matters like crime, cow slaughter, women atrocities, corruption and other issues.But development stopped completely, he added.



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