Commuter Complains Of Traffic Jam! Police Punish Him!  

We live in a nation where the pedestrians feel that they can walk in the middle of the road and that vehicles should stop while they raise their hand.Such kind of nonsensical behaviour is prevalent across the length and the breadth of the nation, leading to traffic jams.

Commuter Complains Of Traffic Jam! Police Punish Him! - Telugu Ambulance Stuck In Jam Bangalore Delhi Hyderabad Worst

In one situation, a commuter complained about a traffic jam to the local police.

The response he got not only taught him a lesson for life but also exposed him to the difficulties on-duty traffic police face.

This shocking incident took place in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh.A commuter complained about the traffic jam to the police.Soon he got a replying stating that, ‘You only Control’.To his amazement, the police also gave him a pair of uniform, and put him on the road as a ‘Traffic Constable’.

After serving as a traffic constable for two hours, the commuter shared his experience.‘Now I get to know why traffic jams take place.

It is because of people not following the rules.Now I understand the difficulties of traffic constable undergoes.

From now onwards, I’ll be more responsible’ he said.

During his duty, the respective commuter also fined a few people for breaching traffic rules.