Coal Reserves Restoring In Andhra: Reports

AP government has reacted swiftly as experts have warned that the power Crisis across the country will have an impact on Andhra Pradesh as well.Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan brought the issue to the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

 Coal Reserves Restoring In Andhra:

CM Jagan also reviewed the situation from time to time and assured the authorities that there was no funding problem to buy coal.He directed authorities to buy coal wherever it was available.

As a result, coal reserves in AP are now gradually increasing.

According to government sources, the Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station has a storage capacity of 52,800 metric tonnes.

This is enough for four days of production.Also, the 35,300 metric tonnes of coal at the Dr Narla Tata thermal power station is enough for one day.

AP Genco officials say that the current coal shortage in the state has reduced as about 22 racks of coal are coming to the state every day through other alternative routes.The state government is in the process of procuring about 10 million metric tonnes of coal reserves from abroad for future use.

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