CM KCR To Visit Vasalamarri Today

Telangana Chief Minister Kalwakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao visits his adopted village, Vasalamarri, yet again today.Concerned authorities made necessary arrangements in Vasalamarri in the wake of CM KCR’s arrival.

 Cm Kcr To Visit Vasalamarri

With the arrival of the CM, security is doubled in the village.

CM KCR reaches Vasalamarri today morning at 11 am.A special meeting will be held with the members of the village committee at the Raituvedika in Vasalamarri.Village committees will brief CM KCR on development in Vasalamarri.

 CM KCR To Visit Vasalamarri Today-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Later, the CM will tour the SC Colony.After having lunch at Sarpanch’s house, CM KCR will return to Hyderabad.

It is learned that CM KCR visited Vasalamarri village for the first time on June 22.On this day, CM KCR had a luncheon with all the villagers of Vasalamarri.

The development works in the village has accelerated in the wake of the CM’s visit once again.They claim that they are lucky that KCR has adopted the Vasalamarri village.

Many development works have been going on in Vasalamarri village since CM KCR adopted Vasalamarri village.The people of Vasalamarri village are thanking CM KCR for the development projects in Vasalamarri.

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