Clear-cut Plans In Place To Take Forward Ind-Aus Ties: Michelle Wade

Planned and clear in place to further develop Indo-Austies Michelle Wade

Kochi 19 August : Michelle Wade, South Asia Commissioner for the state of Victoria, Australia, has a specific plan to build on the relationship between Australia and India.
On the eve of her visit to Kochi campus of Australia’s most prestigious training center known as the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia (IHNA) on Friday, she briefly shared her plans with IANS and stated that she was assigned in 2018 with the implementation of the Victoria India strategy — the first strategy that is geared towards market of the Australian state.

 Clear-cut Plans In Place To Take Forward Ind-aus Ties: Michelle

“We created and developed in our partnerships in medical technology, education, and edtech, and also water and environment as the best examples.Since Covid is now a part of Covid, the Indian market is now transacting more on the internet and is open to innovative methods,” said Wade, who has been located in Bengaluru since the year 2018.

“This has opened up new opportunities in medical, education AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies, and has also led to consumers seeking safe and ethical products for their wellness.

“The most significant impact is that Covid allowed airlines to reset, and we now have additional flights that go to Australia every week,” she said.

Wade claimed that India has been a point of significance for Victorian companies for a long time.

“Part of its reputation is due to the large diaspora that is are young and well-educated.

The IA-ECTA (India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement) and our companies are seeking to expand their business is receiving increasing interest,” Wade added.

She announced that they’ll be hosting delegates to the DIDAC (Digital Data Acquisition and Control) in Bengaluru in September for edtech and “Indiajoy” to promote AR & VR in Hyderabad in November.

“We are looking Forward to establishing connections with businesses via the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup scheduled in Australia in the coming months,” Wade said.

In the school, Wade participated in the ceremony of graduation of the initial batch of IHNA’s online classes, designed to help students get skilled jobs while waiting for the possibility of a permanent position in Australia.


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