Civilian Killings: Two Bihar Labourers Shot Dead By Terrorists In Kashmir

Terrorist killings against Civilians continue in Kashmir.The security forces are thoroughly conducting searches in the Kashmir Valley and are detaining people supporting the terrorists.

 Civilian Killings: Two Bihar Labourers Shot Dead By Terrorists In

Recently, the security forces detained 570 people in Kashmir as they have links with terrorist organizations.

However, recently, terrorists opened fire on two non-local Labourers in the Kulgam district.

The two Labourers died on the spot, and another person was injured in the shooting.According to the police reports, the terrorists broke into the rented rooms and opened fire.

In Wanpoh, Kulgam, terrorists indiscriminately opened fire on Labourers there.Two workers were killed, and one was injured, police said.

Upon receiving the information, the security forces immediately rushed to the scene.The area was cordoned off.This is the third time in the past 24 hours that terrorists have opened fire on non-local workers.Terrorists have already killed people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha responded to the incident.He warned the terrorists on the monthly ‘Awanki Awaaz’ radio program.

He said that the Indian army would crackdown on every terrorist and their sympathizers and supporters at every level.

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