Mayor’s Husband Too Died

Katari Mohan, husband of Chittoor Mayor K.Anuradha died in vellore CMC hospital while undergoing treatment.Its known that Katari Anuradha was shot dead by unidentified miscreants yesterday.Her husband Mohan also received bullet injuries and is undergoing treatment in a critical condition till yesterday.He regained conscious last night giving hope of his survival chances but after battling for more than 14 hours he passed last night.

 Mayor’s Husband Too

Mohan’s nephew Chandrasekhar alias Chintoo is the prime suspect in the case.Katari Mohan was an accused in an attempt to murder case of Chittoor ex-MLA CK Babu who is a TDP leader.

Mohan’s wife anuradha took two bullets at very close range, one in her left eye and another on the forehead.

Her act gave Mohan enough time to duck behind chairs and a table although the assailants shot him and stabbed several times.