Chennai Residents Prepare For Another Round Downpour

Chennai, Nov 24, : Chennai residents are unlikely to find relief after a spell of heavy rainfalls and inundations.The possibility of another round is very real.
According to the Weather Department, moderate rains will fall on Thursday.These will then turn into heavy downpours Saturday and Sunday.

 Chennai Residents Prepare For Another Round

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), has issued a warning to fishermen not to venture out into the sea, as squally winds are possible until November 28.

Ramanathapuram, Pudukottai, and Kanniyakumari will likely experience heavy to very severe rains on Thursday.

The Meteorological Department also stated that heavy rains could begin in south Tamil Nadu from Wednesday night onwards, and may continue until the end of the month.

According to the IMD, low pressure will be observed over the southwest Bay of Bengal, and this weather system will likely move west-northwestwards towards Sri Lanka, and the south Tamil Nadu coastline.

It was also stated that a trough runs from south Tamil Nadu’s weather system to the lower tropospheric levels and will cause the rains to cover the entire Tamil Nadu.

Ekamabaranathan, a Chennai businessman, said to IANS: “The water has just pulled out of T-Nagar after days of inundation.Another bout of rains will bring misery.” The drains are not being properly cleaned, and all the grand talks of politicians and bureaucrats don’t help as we are still suffering from rains, waterlogging, and dirty water from sewage.

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