Chandrababu Arrested! Pawan Kalyan Reacts  

What seemed to be a little drizzle, has turned out to be a storm with YS Jagan standing in its eye.The Amaravati Farmers agitations are swelling, with leaders from various parties stepping into the action.

Chandrababu Arrested! Pawan Kalyan Reacts-Chandrababu Arrested Reacts

While the YS Jagan government seemed least bothered, the common public doesn’t seem so.

Things became more intense with Chandrababu arrested in the pretext of ‘preventive measure’.

The TDP leaders have already been lashing out at AP CM YS Jagan for YSRCP’s comments, and actions from the past week or so.The protests which started at a peaceful not turned violent.

Reacting on this Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan came down hard on the ruling party.‘Are you trying to invoke violence by arresting people? This will only lead to further agitation at a violent level, and is encouraging people to take ferocious measures’, he said.

Pawan Kalyan advised the Jagan Sarkar to come out with a clear plan for the capital.‘Is he trying to create Nandigram Incident here? If Jagan continues to suppress the protests by arresting the protestors, it will only give rise to more’, he concluded.

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