Chandrababu 3.0 Will Be In Jail – Analysis  

We have seen Bahubali 2, Robot 2 (2.0), and soon we will see Chandrababu 3.0.Going by the latest developments, it looks like the TDP boss, and 3-time AP CM Chandrababu Naidu will be spending his rest of the life in Jail.His win in the 2014 AP Assembly Elections, thanks to Pawan Kalyan’s support and the party’s alliance with BJP, Chandrababu came to power in bifurcated Andhra Pradesh.Many political analysts saw this as Chandrababu 2.0.

Chandrababu 3.0 Will Be In Jail – Analysis

However, during his tenure as the AP CM, Chandrababu continued his nexus with other entities and made sure the evil of corruption has spread its branches like a 1000-year old banyan tree.Unearthing the operations, the IT department jumped into the scene and recovered over 1000 documents from homes of Srinivas Reddy (RK Infra), Sarath (s/o Pratthipati Pulla Rao, Avexa Infra), and Naren Chowdary (DCP Infra).

The best part of the entire episode is that the above-mentioned companies have given hundreds of sub contracts to companies, to the tune of thousands of crores combined.Just like an icing on the cake, all the companies that secured the sub-contracts filed IT returns from one home address.IT officials believe that as much as Rs 3300 Crores have gone into the pockets of top politicians in Andhra Pradesh.‘This one evidence is enough to put everyone behind the bars.

It is quite evident and clear that corruption took place on a massive scale, and this wouldn’t be possible without top politicians’, said an IT official, pointing towards the same home address used by these companies in filing the IT returns.

The entire fraud was unearthed in just two days after IT received strong evidence of Shapoorji Pallonji Group paying a bribe of Rs 150 Crores to top Telugu politicians during the previous government’s tenure.

The first evidence of scam came from the Handri-Neeva project.The irrigation officials gave an estimate of Rs 200 Crores for the project.

However, the politicians running the government revised the estimated cost to Rs 430 Crores.Finally, the government ended up paying Rs 450.86 Crores.RK Infra completed the entire project.

Overall, the IT sleuths searched 40 locations between February 6 and February 10.The founders of RK Infra, Avexa Infra, and DCP Infra share a very close bond with former AP CM Chandrababu Naidu.Until and unless Chandrababu makes something magical to happen; please the Delhi bosses, or share the money, he is bound to go behind the bars in a matter of weeks from now.


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