If The House Must Be Operated One-sided, Call Zoom (IANS Interview).

By Preet Kiran New Delhi 12/12/2012 : Congress Rajya Sabha member Syed Naseer Hussain has been suspended with eleven other parliamentarians.He has criticised Congress and said that it doesn’t want the Opposition to participate in House discussions.

 If The House Must Be Operated One-sided, Call Zoom (ians Interview).-TeluguStop.com

Hussain, in an interaction with IANS said that “if that was what the government needed to do, it could call a group meeting using the Zoom app.”

These are excerpts from the interview.

Q: What is the reason Congress members decided to walk out during the discussion of all the bills and other issues in both houses?

A: The three agricultural laws were one of many issues we raised.However, they were all suspended.

Twelve Opposition MPs have been suspended by the Central government.If the government wants to hold the Winter Session, it will need to revoke the suspension and permit the Opposition MPs present their opinions during the House’s discussion of the bills.

Q: However, the Parliament stated that the suspension of the MPs was in accordance with the rules.The farm laws have been repealed by the Central government.Farmers have also decided to abandon the demonstration sites after the agitation ended.What’s your stand on this?

Q: If they’re talking about laws, why didn’t the House take any action against women MPs who were behaving badly, and the House’s fracas over farm laws? No action is necessary in relation to the present session.It is against the rules.This is against the rules.

There was attempt to privatise the insurance sector.A discussion should have been held on this.

Instead of that, the marshals were called in, and the question is why? Why did they misbehave with the women parliamentarians? We want to raise all these questions, and in fact, are raising them.

The entire Opposition is on the same page over the issue of the suspension of 12 MPs.Interestingly, every single suspended MP was issuing notice to the House to raise some issues.

India follows democracy.

And bills are passed through the debate and discussion route.the Opposition should also be allowed to put forward its views.

The ruling dispensation cannot run the House one-sided.

What role the Opposition is left with today? It the job is only to raise up hands, and if the government is not keen to make it a part of the debates and discussions in the House, a Zoom call could have been arranged.was there any need for the in-House proceedings? Why so much of expenditure is being done on the travelling and accommodation of the MPs? This a loss to the general public.

The Opposition has been raising a lot of issues pertaining to the country.

It includes civilian killings in Nagaland, inflation, compensation to the Covid-hit families, employment, compensation to the farmers, among others.

Q: You have maintained that the Opposition should be allowed to take part in the debates but the Congress MPs, in fact, walked out of both the Houses.

A: We want cancellation of the suspension of 12 MPs.A fresh start should be made towards discussion on all bills, and the Opposition should also be allowed to part in the deliberations.It is the responsibility of the ruling side to ensure the Parliament functions.


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