Breaking News: Sadineni Yamini Comments On Nara Lokesh Affair!  

It did not take long for Sadineni Yamini, former TDP Spokesperson to raise among the ranks of the TDP, and become the voice of the party.Her face-off with YSRCP MLA Roja made headlines quite often in the Telugu media.

Similarly, her alleged affair too caught the eye of the public more than anything else.

Breaking News: Sadineni Yamini Comments On Nara Lokesh Affair!-Sadineni Sadineni Pawan Kalyan Ys Jagan

After quitting the TDP party in November 2019, the charismatic leader confined herself to her family until very recently.

Only on January 4th 2020 she joined the BJP party and is now their official spokesperson in the state.Sadineni Yamini comments on Nara Lokesh and many other issues have given us a peek into her 6-year stint at the TDP.

She also opened up on the differences, and the difficulties she faced, and the reason to quit the party.

‘Chandrababu garu is a great visionary.It is because of him I stuck with the party for so long.At the same time, he alone isn’t the party.I cannot approach him for everything.The second-generation leader doesn’t have the vision, nor puts in the hours for the party.

This is an open fact, and many leaders are not happy to see him as their second-generation leader.

This proves that even Chandrababu Naidu garu is no alien when it comes to nepotism.

Frankly speaking, my alleged affair with ‘that’ top leader is also created by the very own party cadre.I was shocked when I got the evidence.

The most horrific thing was when I approached ‘that’ second-generation leader in tears, he was so cool about it and asked me to take it lightly.That is something I was never able to digest.

Everyone at the party knows how much I’ve sacrificed.Despite that, they treat us like a waste.

Things just got worse the moment TDP was thrown out of power.

I was shocked when the party leaders came forward for another spokesperson after she was trolled.I’m happy that they came to her rescue.But what shocked me is, what happened to all these leaders when I was getting trolled? Is it just because she is from the very same caste? Then, aren’t these caste politics? What kind of example they are trying to set for everyone? People within the party and outsiders do know my worth.So it is the responsibility of the party to make sure they don’t lose people like me.As a spokesperson, it was me who took all the bashing on media channels, and stood between criticism and the party’, she said.Sadineni Yamini comments on Nara Lokesh, the alleged affair with him, and more are surely going to make the TDP leaders uncomfortable.

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