Breaking News: Milwaukee Shooting – SIX Dead In The Latest US Shooting  

Molson Coors, a 51-year-old barged into his former employer’s office and starting shooting indiscriminately at his former co-employees.Going into the details, Molson Coors was removed from his office by his employer for various reasons a few weeks ago.

Breaking News: Milwaukee Shooting – Six Dead In The Latest Us Shooting

He managed to barge into the working spaces after stealing another employee’s ID card.

According to officials, 5 people have been dead in the Milwaukee shooting episode.

After shooting, Molson Coors shot himself and died before the police and other agency officials arrived.As soon as the company identified Molson Coors shooting, the respective company officials sent an emergency message and email to all its employees to stay away from the building premises.

‘By the time we reached the spot, the shooter is dead.Molson Coors is deeply upset as he is removed from his employer.

This could be the reason for the Milwaukee shooting.The investigation is underway, and more details about the Milwaukee shooting will come in a couple of days’, said a US representative from the white house.

Trump dubbed Molson Coors as a wicked murderer and offered his deepest condolences to the victims and their families.


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