Brahanandam:Excess baggage for Chiru ?     2016-12-31   22:30:25  IST  Raghu V

Once ‘Comedy King’ of Tollywood Brahmanandam is now rarely seen in Telugu films. He has recently appeared in ‘Intlo Deyyam Nakenti Bayyam’ starring Allari Naresh. Even though he has few interesting dialogues a police officer, his role can be strictly termed as just ‘average’. Nothing more than that. That’s fine. Lets move on to Megastar Chiranjeevi’s re-entry film ‘Khaidi No.150’. Bramhi played an important role in Chiru film and he is going to appear in a good 16 scenes as per the recent reports.

Now the interesting question is “Can he impress the audience with his role ?” According to the talk, Chiranjeevi specifically wanted Brahanandam to be part of Khaidi. Going by the the Brahmi’s roles in the recent past, audience are not at all enjoying his roles. If he can evoke few laughs with his role in Chiru film, then Chiru judgement will be right. Otherwise Brahmi will become excess baggage for Khaidi as the movie is riding high on expectations.