Botsa Satyanarayana Fires On Eenadu And ABN!  

It looks like no one can stop the YSRCP leaders.We have been seeing one or the other YSRCP leaders involving themselves (or pulled) into in a controversy quite frequently.This time it is the turn of top brass leader Botsa Satyanarayana.The senior and one of the key leaders in the party have come down heavily on Eenadu and ABN.

Botsa Satyanarayana Fires On Eenadu And ABN!-Botsa Eenadu Abn Comments Ysrcp Yellow Media

Speaking at a press conference in Tadepalli YSRCP Party office, Botsa condemned both the media houses.‘The government has already credited 43 lakh accounts of women (who are mothers) with Rs 6,400 crores, which is historical in its way.

It has just been 7 months since we came to power.Even then, our CM YS Jagan has introduced many social welfare programs.

But few media houses like Eenadu and ABN are busy in blaming and condemning the government.Their news items are aimed at tarnishing the image of the ruling YSRCP party, and YS Jagan.

We have given the Amma Vodi ad in the Eenadu paper itself’, Botsa Satyanarayana said.

The YSRCP leader also showed an article published in Eenadu Daily, claiming that they willingly did not give enough coverage.

‘This exposes intentions of Ramoji Rao.All that he wishes is welfare for the people of his community, and not for everyone’, he added.

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Botsa Satyanarayana Fires On Eenadu And Abn!-botsa Satyanarayana On Eenadu,eenadu Abn Comments,ysrcp On Yellow Media Related....