BJP Is A \'sinking Ship\', Says Congress Leader Pramod Tiwari

BJP is a ‘sinking ship’, says Congress leader Pramod Tiwari

Jaipur, Sep 27 : Deputy Leader of Congress in Rajya Sabha, Pramod Tiwari, has launched a scathing attack on the BJP by calling it a “sinking ship”.

 Bjp Is A 'sinking Ship', Says Congress Leader Pramod

“Bharatiya Janata Party is now a sinking ship.This sinking ship has been identified by its allies which are breaking ties with it one-by-one.AIADMK has broken ties with BJP in Tamil Nadu.Due to this, the party’s majority in Rajya Sabha has reduced.BJP’s allies are trying to get rid of it.Other small parties, too, are waiting to escape from this ‘sinking ship’,” said Tiwari, while speaking to media at the Rajasthan Congress headquarters here on Tuesday.

Praising the work of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, the Congress leader added: “Compare the work of all the BJP governments formed till now in Rajasthan and look at the work of the Gehlot government in the past five years.The work of the Gehlot government will outweigh all of them.The five-year term of the Gehlot government will outnumber everyone.I am saying this with certainty.Gehlot is the best Chief Minister.The people of Rajasthan do not believe in the false promises of Modi government.”

“Allies are not afraid of PM Modi but they are afraid of the ED, Income Tax and CBI.Look at what is happening in Rajasthan.Modi has come to Rajasthan on Monday and ED raids started on Tuesday,” Tiwari said.

“BJP is weak in Rajasthan, that is why ED has been deployed.The PM goes where BJP looks weak.There the ED, Income Tax are put to work.”

“Whatever Rahul Gandhi said, he said the truth.What is the situation in Chhattisgarh, there no one talks about whose government will return after the Assembly polls there but the question is whether the BJP will be able to reach double-digit seats this time or not? The BJP had Raman Singh as its leader there and he was sidelined.Congress is not contesting elections in Madhya Pradesh, the people there are contesting elections against the BJP.There is so much resentment in Madhya Pradesh that people are abusing CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan.The situation is not like that in Rajasthan, but CM Gehlot knows each person and every Assembly seat.

He has said that 156 seats will be secured by Congress, so I fully hope that it will be 156 and not 155,” the Congress leader added.



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