Bizarre! Jallikattu With Fox In Tamil Nadu!  

Various animal welfare associations and NGOs have been fighting against Jallikattu sport in Tamil Nadu.Generally, an ox is made to run after it is intentionally aroused.

Bizarre! Jallikattu With Fox In Tamil Nadu!-Jallikattu Nadu Sport

The ox then makes its way with the crowd on either side of it.A group of people, usually in their mid-20’s try to get the ox under control.In the process, there have been incidents of deaths too.

But surprisingly, this time around Jallikattu with fox has been organized.

According to the locals, a wild fox has been captivated and has been taken on a procession around the village with all the music.Later pujas were done to the fox in the Mariyamman Temple, the local goddess.

While the puja ceremony was going on, the Forest officials reached the scene and arrested 11 local youth.‘These 11 youth laid a trap for the wild fox and captured it.

We have filed cases, and a fine of Rs 55,000 has been slapped’ said a forest official.Shockingly, locals claimed that this is there tradition, which has been existing for the past 200 years.

Only recently, the Tamil Nadu government has banned Jallikattu with fox.

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Bizarre! Jallikattu With Fox In Tamil Nadu!-jallikattu In Tamil Nadu,jallikattu Sport Related....