Biodiversity Flyover Becoming Dangerous  

Biodiversity Flyover Becoming Dangerous - Telugu #biodiversityflyover, A 26-year-old Woman Died After A Piece Of Plaster Fell On Her Head In Ameerpet Metro Station, A Large Piece Of Steel Bar From The Biodiversity Flyover Fell On The Road Recently, Biodiversity Flyover, Hyderabad, Politics, Telangana

A large piece of steel bar from the Biodiversity flyover fell on the road recently. - Biodiversity Flyover Becoming Dangerous

Two incidents had shaken the Hyderabad city in the past.

In one incident, A 26-year-old woman died after a piece of plaster fell on her head in Ameerpet Metro Station.And no one will ever forget a car flipping from the Biodiversity flyover that led to the death of a woman. - Biodiversity Flyover Becoming Dangerous-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

The incident happened just after a few days of inaugurating the flyover.

After the incident, the flyover had shut over two months, and the officials had made necessary precautionary changes before it reopened to commuters.

However, the recent incident that happened at the flyover has once again raised fingers on the safety measures.

Reportedly, heavy steel connecting rod underneath the bridge fell on the road when there were no commuters on the road.

An NGO volunteer namely Vijay Gopal has shared the news on his Twitter handle, and it is going viral concerning about the Biodiversity flyover’s quality and design.Fortunately, no one hurt at that moment, but it could be as dangerous as Ameerpet Metro Station incident.

People are expressing their distress over the incident and asking the officials to take necessary precautions.However, the officials haven’t responded to the incident.

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